Sarah Cunin

Sarah is the founder and Educational Director of Aleph Academy. She has degrees in Behavioral Sciences, Human Services and Judaic Studies Teaching and in 2007 was chosen for the competitive JECEI/Covenant Fellowship in conjunction with Bank Street College and Harvard University. She has worked in Early Childhood Education for 17 years, and is passionate about innovative, quality education for young children.

Alisha Churchfield

Alisha is the Assistant Director at Aleph Academy. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and is working towards her Master's degree in Behavior Analysis. She has worked directly with children, in various settings, for the past 10 years. Alisha serves as our on site TACSEI coach and helps teachers and families address children's challenging behaviors with a positive team based approach.


Ms. Danielle 

Ms. Danielle worked at Aleph while she was a student pursuing her degree at UNR in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She spent a few years as a 3rd Grade teacher at a local charter school and then Ms. Danielle returned to Aleph as our Toddler coordinator. She truly enjoys working in the field of education and spends her free time with her husband and two beautiful puppies. 



Ms. Bella began her career in Early Childhood at Aleph and hopes to one day become an Elementary school teacher. She is currently working on a degree in Human Development and Family Studies at TMCC. All children benefit from her calm demeanor and her patience is apparent in all that she does. We are lucky to have her here at Aleph Academy.

Ms. Nina

All the way from Boston, Ms. Nina has more than 7  years of experience in a preschool environment including working with young children on a military base.  Her skills as a teacher are apparent in all of her caring and compassionate interactions with the children. She plans to pursue a degree in Business while continuing to bring all of her experience and knowledge to work here at Aleph.


Ms. Anna

Ms. Anna is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Behavior Analysis at Southern New Hampshire University. She has worked with families and children ages 0-7 in both formal and informal settings for the past 6 years. Her sweet disposition and respect of the children makes it easy for her to navigate the complexities of shaping a love for life long learning among her students. 

Ms. Laura

Ms. Laura has a degree in English Literature for teaching High School but since then her passion has been early childhood education. She has experience working with children and families from birth to age six as well as running a small home based preschool. Being a mother of three children, she understands that the foundation for education begins with a quality early learning environment. 


Ms. Anne

Ms. Anne started her career in the field of Archaeology and Geology, but soon found a calling in education. With 20+ years of experience, a Master's degree in ECE, and her role as school Pedagogista, she shares her wealth of knowledge with staff and students at Aleph. She is a National Geographic Certified Educator and a lifelong learner, most recently taking part in a Reggio study tour in Italy. 

Ms. Noelani

Ms. Noelani is pursuing a dual degree in Human Development and Family Studies and Psychology at UNR. She has worked with young children for the past five years in Reggio inspired preschool programs. She dreams of being a child psychologist one day. In the meantime she uses her career as a way to have a positive impact in the daily lives of children.


Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily serves as our expert nature teacher whose classroom is based outdoors. She brings a variety of expertise from her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences to her work with the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation. The children truly appreciate her passion for the important role that nature plays in sustainable living practices. She is a good listener and role model for all of the kids here at Aleph.


Morah Hella

Israeli born and raised, Morah Hella teaches Hebrew and Judaics. She holds degrees in both engineering and education. Her vibrant spirit makes every day a special day. Morah Hella's love for the children is apparent and she uses her time at Aleph to build strong relationships with the children. She can be found in a classroom, assisting children in an art project or leading a dance party. 

Support Staff

Morah Chana

Morah Chana has extensive experience working with young children. Most recently, she co-led a 2 year old preschool class last year in San Antonio and was a head counselor in a day camp in Plano this summer. She has volunteered with children with special needs at the Friendship Circle and with children with terminal illnesses at Camp Simcha. She is currently working on a degree in Health Sciences. 

Morah Rochel

This is Morah Rochel's second year at Aleph. While she pursues a degree in Business, her passion is working with children in a variety of settings. She has stellar leadership skills and has been a head counselor at camps in Reno and Chicago and runs the local CKids chapter. She also received a Friendship Circle Volunteer of the Year award while working with children with special needs. 


Lisa Alameda

Chef Lisa went to culinary school at Truckee Meadows Community College, engaged in intensive self-study, and traveled to Italy to master Tuscan cooking. Lisa has a passion for fresh, whole foods and can often be found in the garden. She is Health and Food Safety certified and brings a wealth of knowledge to our school, along with amazingly delicious and healthy meals. 

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